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"I met Ciro Paone – Mr Kiton only once. He has quite a reputation for being a stubborn entrepreneur, a tireless herald of tradition, an obsessive purveyor of the beste of the best. Plus one, as he constantly repeats.
His reputation is revealed in infinite articles and even more in stories told by word of mouth. The Ciro I met is exactly like this: tenacious, lively with a sly, unequivocally Neapolitan spark in his gaze. While talking to me and getting emotional at the mere mention of quality, the driving force of his whole human and professional path, he kept gently caressing the lapel of his tailored jacket, as his whole philosophy was condensed in the softness of the tailoring and the grain of the fabric. Happiness and dream are two words he used a lot.
Ciro, the visionary who made the fantasy of the best of the best come true, is convinced that a Kiton item makes everyone who wears it happy.
Our meeting was brief, but it left a lasting impression, which turned into the portrait installations here at Palazzo Gerini. A sketch more than a portrait, made of flashes, feeligns and glimpses; a depiction that is deliberately open and certainly incomplete. The two or three things that I know about Ciro, however, are enough for me, because what´s missing is compensated by emotions and fantasies.

Fashion Düsseldorf, Fashion Blog Düsseldorf, Fashion Story KitonFashion Düsseldorf, Fashion Blog Düsseldorf, Fashion Story Kiton

Ciro, the pater familias who treats employees as close relatives, who loves dogs and women and has never stopped traveling yet making sure he always came back home, has turned quality into a life mission and discretion into a dogma.
The lesson is timeless. Nothing has to be flashy: this is his motto. I did my best to portray Ciro in the same way, hiding and subtracting, inviting visitors to feel even before they see. From that single meeting, in fact, it was clear that Ciro is a passionate individual. He is all heart and feelings.The rest is just a consequence. Angelo Flaccavento

On the way
Have you ever seen a suitcase traveling on its own? This is what Ciro always jokingly replies to whoever asks if the endless trips, initially by car, abourd the beloved Citroen Pallas, then by plane, all across the old and the new continent, are truly necessary. These are useless questions. When one wants to show what´s the best of the best, touching things, shaking hands, looking into the eyes make the difference. Medals that last and shine are won on the street.

Family for Ciro comes before anything else. It’s the most important thing, the certainty of all certainties. It is the point of departure and the port of arrival, because even diehard travellers need the firmness of a gravitational center. Ciro even shaped his enterprise like a family, ant not only because he treats employees like relatives and surrounds himself with brothers, daughters and grandchildren. For him important decision are taken around a dining table and boards of directors are chosen at the table, between a course and another, eating bread and cloth.

Fashion Düsseldorf, Fashion Blog Düsseldorf, Fashion Story Kiton

The horizon that contains the story of Ciro, with its colors, voices, emotions, is Naples. Elsewhere, he believes, everything would have been different, because Naples is a way to appreciate life and to do things. In this metropolis that is ancient and cosmopolitan, chaotic and philosophical, made of contrasts that are never healed, is the essence of Kiton and the soul of Ciro. Divided in two by Spaccanapoli and densely thoughtful. Naples is an indomitable harmony of opposites. It is Capodimonte and a taped Madonna. It is aristocracy and commoners. It is splendour and misery. All at once.

Tailoring is Ciro´s passion. It ignited when he was a child and used to look at the tailors working for the cosmopolitan clientele that has always gravitated around Naples. As he grew up, Ciro decided to preserve this glorious tradition, employing skilled artisans and ensuring that they pass their craft on to new ones. Tailoring happens in the atelier: a magic place replete with unmistakable sounds and smells. It is a symphony of excellent hands and excellent eyes that harmoniously and individually turn superb materials into unparalleled clothes.


What is elegance? For sure, it is not an expensive object. Elegance is a way of carrying oneself and wearing things. The lively lightness and elegance of Neapolitan tailoring, apropos, is truly apparent when a jacket is worn, which is the moment when the art of the tailor becomes one with the body of the man. Thirty identical blazers, thereafter, look completely different when worn by thirty different men. This is the magic of superior tailoring.

Ciro is obsessed with quality. The word quality is the one he uses the most, and very stubbornly, in his lively vocabulary. This is not simply a claim, it is rather a moral commitment. I have never made compromises on quality, because saving on important things is never a gain, says Ciro. This point of view is deeply Italian as it is Neapolitan. It is Ciro´s flag and his pride.
In the air Women
Lovely distractions. Encounters. Memories. Seductions. A man does not live of business alone, but in the end, he certainly goes back home, where true love is."

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